How do small and micro enterprises ensure workplace safety and well-being?

Micro and small enterprises are critical drivers of innovation, economic growth, social integration, and employment, and they form the basis of any economy. In short, we can refer to them as MSEs. Primarily, I’d like to highlight that we are talking about two different aspects, i.e., Workplace safety and well-being or workplace well-being. Thus, I will express my opinions on both concerns.

OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) Research

OSH Research

To begin with, let’s go through the journey of what the actual scenario looked like when the research was conducted on the same. In EU-OSHA’s ongoing project called Improving OSH in micro and small enterprises, research was conducted regarding OSH (Occupational Safety & Health) challenges within micro and small enterprises. However, the study was undertaken mainly across Europe that revealed various contributing towards poor management of OSH in enterprises. The key features of such poorly managed companies are lack of awareness, lack of investment in OSH, weak economic position, other priorities, and attitudes that do not favor OSH.

Based on the frequently asked questions of workers and employers, it was also found that ‘common sense is a necessary OSH measure. Adding to the plus points, some good OSH practices were also observed, but that’s not the reality in the vast case, as we all know!

However, the purpose of all this project and research findings was to develop more effective programs for OSH within micro and small enterprises.

At last, the project places importance to:

  • Active involvement of trade unions that can reach better to MSEs.
  • More engagement of all key regulators.
  • Offering easily acceptable, sustainable, and transferable solutions.

Benefits of ensuring Safety & Well Being at workplaces

A safe environment with positive vibes is a must-have factor for these small enterprises and in every workplace, ranging from micro agencies to large workplaces. Among all, human resources are most crucial in any organization, and their casualties can’t be measured, but definitely, a huge loss can be seen after you lose them. So, this is why health measures and workplace safety are the factors one must not overlook in micro and small enterprises. These enterprises are on the verge of economic instability and can’t bear such heavy losses. Thus, the lack of investing in such good practices is a massive loss than they can think of.

Listed below are some of the benefits of a safe and well-being-centric workplace.

  • It increases overall productivity.
  • This environment further promotes the wellness of both the employees and employers.
  • It reduces costs for worker’s compensation by avoiding accidental cases.

And, the benefits are endless!

More ways to ensure a safe work environment in MSEs.

  • Have updated awareness and identify various workplace hazards.
  • Implement different kinds of workplace safety programmes.
  • Use protective safe equipment at the workplace.
  • Report unsafe working conditions, if any!
  • Reduce workplace stress and promote regular breaks.
  • Implement easy access to exits in emergencies.
  • Don’t forget to use mechanical aids.

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